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Garden Update

Went to pick some more broccoli for dinner and checked on the cauliflower while I was down there. It’s not big enough to pick yet but it’s coming along nicely 🙂

Homegrown Organic Cauliflower 🙂



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Garden Update – Broccoli

Went out the garden to check on things and the broccoli was ready (yay). I planted 8 plants and all of them had heads on them. I only harvested 2 today, just enough for dinner. A neat thing about broccoli is that after you harvest the main head, the plants grow side shoots that also make heads! So broccoli is a plant that keeps on giving 🙂

The broccoli I chose to grow produces smallish heads - about 4" across. This one was just under that and perfectly formed.

This is the second head I harvested, about the same size as the other one.

These are baby broccoli side shoots that were starting to grow on the first stalk I harvested.

Broccoli is one of my most favorite vegetables and though it is a little hard to grow in the summer, it is totally worth every effort you put into it. I planted these plants at the end of summer and have had no pest problems at all. We don’t use pesticide or herbicide or chemical fertilizers. The plants are all tall and strong and the heads are beautifully formed.


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CornishX Update

Doing a video update today 🙂



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