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CornishX Update

Doing a video update today 🙂




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Cleaning Day

Today was cleaning day in the goat house and this is step by step what I did. It’s really important when you clean out stalls that you get out all of the wet bedding. Not only does wet bedding smell bad, but it can cause a lot of problems with your animals. Especially your hoofed ones. Urine is acidic and during decomposition releases ammonia. This can cause anything from mild respiratory ailments to severe foot rot, depending on the amount of ammonia/urine in the bedding. Not to mention a build up of feces, urine, dropped hay and feed attracts all kinds of pests, from flies to disease carrying rodents. If you want to keep your animals healthy and potentially keep your vet bills down, keep their living space clean. I clean my goat stall about once a month.

Whenever I go out to clean the stall, I always look around and look for anything that could potentially hurt my goats. We made our goat house out of pallets and plywood, so I always look for splits in the plywood and I make sure all the joints are still tight.  I try to repair right away any problems I find.

The first step is to remove all the old bedding.

Here is the stall before cleaning

It's important to remove ALL the bedding, all the way to the dirt!

There will be loose bedding and compacted bedding. The compacted bedding can be so hard you think it's dirt, but it will sound "hollow" if you tap with your pitchfork. It's very important to dig down and get all of it out.

This is an example of compacted bedding. I have removed all the loose bedding that was on top. What's left is as hard as compacted dirt and looks dry.

This is all the bedding I dug up from that "dry" corner. You can see how wet it actually was underneath. This is what causes foot rot. So get it all out.

Here is that same corner that appeared dry. There are some dry places, but you can see where it was wet.

Here is the stall completely cleaned.

Once your stall is thoroughly clean, sprinkle lime all over the floor. You don't need a lot, just a light dusting over the entire space. Lime neutralizes the urine and will help cut any smell.

The next step is fresh bedding. I like pine shavings because they're relatively dustless and they're very soft and absorbent.

So there you have it! Step by step how I clean my stalls 🙂

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We ordered 25 Cornish Rocks this morning and they’re set to arrive around October 5th.  I am very excited because these are our very first meat birds! We’ve harvested chickens in the past out of necessity (too many roosters, aggressive hens, etc) but these are our first birds truly for the sole purpose of eating. So look for pictures of the chicks in the next couple of weeks!


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