A Little Bit About Us

This is our small homestead where my husband and I raise chickens and goats. We hope to one day raise dairy goats (Nubians), meat rabbits (New Zealand Whites) and meat chickens (Cornish Rock Crosses). Our goal is to grow and raise as much of our own food as possible in an effort to become more self-sufficient.  We like to learn how to do things the old way to keep those ways from being lost. We garden organically and use heirloom varieties whenever possible.

We are just getting started and I hope to chronicle our successes and failures, gains and losses and triumphs and tragedies here so that others can learn as we do.


4 responses to “A Little Bit About Us

  1. Good luck in your endeavor. There is such satisfaction in having the knowledge in how your food was grown and treated.

    • Thank you and that is exactly why we’re doing it…I would much rather eat an animal that I know lived a happy, healthy life and was loved and cared for and I’d rather eat fruits and vegetables that I know were grown without unnecessary chemicals and are actually fresh! Plus the satisfaction that comes from knowing you did it yourself is just amazing.

  2. Christine

    I still get a thrill when I plant something and it grows and produces food. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.

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