Chick Update!

The chicks are 1 month old today! They are enormous compared to the “mystery chick” who we believe is a Black Australorp (but we’re not 100%). They are rapidly outgrowing their pen. Next weekend we are moving them out to the barn where they will have tons more space and a yard where they can scratch the grass and lay in the sun 🙂

The Australorp is dwarfed by the CornishRocks - these birds are all the same age.

I did a fair amount of research before deciding to raise CornishRocks. A lot of things I read said their chicks were very lethargic and just laid around all the time and hardly ever moved. Now things may change when they’re bigger, but for now, ours are pretty active. When I lift the lid on the pen to get out their waterers and feeders a couple will fly up and perch on the edge and watch me. They run around and even play fight with each other. If you put a grasshopper in there, then you really see them run! I’m hoping since ours have space to run and play and flap their wings and even fly if they want that we might avoid the leg problems and health problems I’ve heard about. But only time will tell.

An observer who was watching me refill the feeders

Another curious bird

Unbelievable how quickly they grow!



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