New Arrivals

Got a call this morning at 5:30am from the Post Office letting me know our babies had arrived!! So I bundled up and raced down there and came home with this:


So I plugged in the heat lamp and filled their waterer and put some food in a pie plate and as each one came out of the box they got their beak dipped in water…they are very thirsty when they first arrive and I’ve found dipping their beak gets them a drink and teaches them where the water is.

So thirsty!

Pretty soon they were scurrying around and exploring the pen

Exploring their new home

The black on is our “Mystery Chick”. We always get our chicks from McMurray Hatchery and with every order of birds they send a free mystery chick. We always hope for a hen but usually they are roosters…

Our Mystery Chick

These birds are meat birds and will go from chick to freezer in 8-10 weeks.


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