Chick Pen

Today we built a new pen for the chicks that are arriving in the morning! We used new lumber and new wire (2×2 and hex-wire). The finished pen is 48 inches square and 30 inches tall. We are going to make another one in the Spring and I think it will only be 24 inches tall as it is a little hard to reach the middle of the pen at 30 inches (for me).

We used 9 2x2x8 and had one 66 inch piece left over. We bought a 50 foot roll of 24 inch hex-wire (chicken wire) and had about 1/3 of it left over.

I drew up a basic design and Justin built the frame for me.

Building the basic frame-the top is made with 2 48 inch lengths and 2 45 inch lengths to give a 48 inch square

Once the frame is finished:

The frame is pictured upside down here, the center beam will be on the bottom for support

I painted it a pretty orange color with some Oops! paint I got at Home Depot for $1

You can find some really pretty colors in the oops paint

Next we stretched wire on the lid, the bottom and the sides

Chicken wire is very stretchy and you have to be careful not to stretch it out of shape but stretch just enough so it fits tightly on the frame.

Next we added some support brackets in the corners of the lid, the top rim and the bottom

We put steel brackets on both the face of the frame and the inside corners

Bracket in the lid

Justin’s mom stopped by and helped a bit so I could take some pictures 🙂

Hi Justin's Mom!!

The next step was to staple the fencing securely inside and out to keep it tight

Securing the wire from the inside

We added an 8 inch draft guard around the bottom. Once all the wire is secure we attached the lid and put on some handles and now we have a nice sturdy, safe pen for our baby birds!

Here is the finished pen!


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