Double Digging

This is the first post and since I’m currently working on hand digging a garden I decided to write about that.

Since we do not yet have a rototiller, we’ve decided to use an old method of hand tilling called “double digging”. You are basically digging twice. Dig a trench about a foot deep and reserve all the soil you take out. Once your trench is dug, take a pitchfork with sturdy tines, push it into the bottom of the trench as far as it will go and pry up. This breaks up the soil on the bottom of the trench and makes it fluffy. When you dig the next row, all the soil you shovel out will be shoveled into the trench you just dug. Repeating until you get to the last row and then the soil from the very first trench is what you will use to fill the last one.

This is where our garden will be

Here, the first row has been dug and the soil reserved. The second row is started by digging the trench and the soil from it goes into the first trench. Here, the bottom of the second trench has yet to be "fluffed"

Here is the second trench after the "fluffing" with the pitchfork



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  1. Christine

    Nice webpage. Where are the pics of the goats? Or did I miss that? 🙂

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